Wednesday at Council Bluff Lake

To: Team Seagal Allies in Arms
From: CockPunchor
Re: Assault on Council Bluff Lake


* Deployment begins 17Mar2010 at 0900 from Punchor HQ in South City (stop)
* We will begin the assault from the Top Secret, no pay-to-play parking lot of the Enough Boat Launch (stop)
* Wrists will be snapped for a minimum of two laps (stop)
* Dos Primos will be crushed upon completion of wrist snappage (stop)
* Anyone wishing to assist Jack Taggort in his efforts to de-sandify Punchor's vag is strongly encouraged to attend (stop)

This messorge will self destruct in 24 hours (stop)


Don't forget to get your Porstcords in to Tropical Mason Storm for the soon to be most fucking amorzing Non-Race of all: The 2010 Middlefork Non-Race #1. Now, go Middlefork yourselves. Punchor, out.

1 comment:

Mason Storm said...

Holy Shit PUNCHOR/TAGGORT you are jerks! Make sure to groom that trail for Robortion and I the next day. That trail better be buff as fuck! Have a good ride homeboyz.