Good Luck at the Berryman Duathlon!

Greetings, Esteemed Jerks. It appears that Team Trail Monster, another subsidiary of Team Seagal Global Munitions Manufacturing and Wrist-Bone Research Corporation, is being deployed to the front lines of the Berryman Duathlon this weekend. Lawman will be on a borrowed bike, courtesy of one Jerky Toscani. This is because his Special-Ed decided to do this just before the MFXC race:
We wish them both great luck, hopefully they won't accidentally trip over the competition as they run right over their chafed corpses.

Just be glad that this event isn't held in Japan, because just imagine how weird it would be then:

In other news, Japan is awesome.
-Casey F. Ryback


Brian said...

I was wondering what those course markings were for while I was riding the trail today.

The trail is in decent shape, but the horsed up sections are as bad ever. The equestrians are already camping out down there. The women are running around in bikinis, so it isn't all bad.

Dan said...

TTM will, as always, snap some wrists!

Dan said...

The polls are genius btw. I'm thinking about stealing them and putting them on dan's blog.

Doctor said...

The Gear Slayer strikes again. nice work. give 'em hell.

C-Dubs said...

Nothing like a night in the Sodom & Gomorrah of Asia - Roppongi