I Shall Fear No... Rain

Though I ride through a valley in the woods of Crowder State Park, I shall fear no precipitation.

Yes, unlike last year, we just might be able to bank on fantastic weather this year:

It is my belief that our sure-to-be-good-fortune is at least in some way a direct result of employing a highly sought-after and rarely-seen breed of Himilayan Yak named after the equally elusive and rarely-seen Marshall Lawson. Seen here:

With much skill, patience, and little bit of yak porn to help it get going, we were able to use the Lawson Yak to help complete our pre-race rain-repelling dance. Only time will tell if it works, but things are looking positive, and anything we can do to avoid what ended up happening last year will most certainly benefit us.

Let's keep our t'aints crossed, and our attitudes superior, and this race is sure to deal out some snapped wrists.



C-Dubs said...

Hey send that Yak over to Jenkem Cycles when you are done with it, we need moar tire sealant

Energor said...

To the loyal supporters at Team Seagal the NECS has changed the address to the blog. It is now neweastcoastsyndicate.blogspot.com