Prepare Yourself for The Rapture!

Greetings Team Seagal Loyalistas! RIM is a race to which we've been looking forward all year. And honestly, it will be pretty easy for this year to be more successful than last year - as long as the sequel to "The Perfect Storm" isn't being filmed directly over Crowder State Park, or more specifically, my tent, I'll be one happy racer. 12+ hours spent mowing down opponents in the heat of glorious battle sounds like pure victory to me.

We're all trying to achieve victory in some way. For us, it is atop the podium. For others, it is nervously getting into office:

There are still lots of badass mountain bike races left - CX season ain't here yet!



Sasha Petrosevitch said...

I cant think of anything else I would rather be doing for 12+ hours.

ray said...

Holeee fuck. That video is all sorts of awesome, as is Mr. Marceaux's cutting edge web site. Wow. Thank you, guardians of wrist snapping nirvana.

"Salsa Jersey" said...

Group ride to go see The Expendables?!?!?!

Casey Ryback said...

Holy fuck, I will be watching The Expendables as soon as humanly possible once returning from wrist-snapping central.

You should watch that movie continually form opening night until we get back.

Anonymous said...

there is a midnite showing at HI-POINTE this eve.