Something Burnin' This Way Comes

As Burnin' at the Bluff nears, and the thought of heated battle enters into my brain, all I can think about is how I am hungry - for victory. The competition will be hot, and my loins will be hotter. Think not about tubular tires and embrocation, but rather tubeless tires and the climb that ends the lap. So in the meantime, please join us in the euphoria by reminiscing about times past.

See you jerks this Saturday, and prepare your t'aints.

-Casey Fucking Ryback

P.S. And if your name is Scott Piepert, then I/we support pre-race binge drinking. Don't forget to put like 10 down each night. Seriously.


Davey B said...

after reading that i decided on my gear...


get fucked!!!

p.s.- told you yesterday that the nice davey b was gone till the weekend

Doctor said...

I wish there were some way to type a middle finger. maybe _,!,, or :^:: or perhaps simply "Fuck you, you lucky jerks!"
Crush it.


Anonymous said...

You fucks an fuckin awesome

Scott said...

Doctor... like this

\ /

OH YEAH!!!!! Will see anyway...

Davey... your gonna need something taller than that.

Scott said...

Damn it it didnt work.

Brian said...

If I come down to cheer you guys on as the ultimate fan, am I going to have somewhere to sleep? Or will I have to run around all night screaming at the top of my lungs like years past?

Hoffmeyer flipped me off a few days ago on our commute to work and made me feel like a celebrity. I only shoot the bird to soccer moms.

James Nelson said...

This artist must find inspiration in Team Seagal.


Gino said...

Coach, my favorite pic is the third to last as it is truly rare. Nico appears to be wearing matching socks and within it is one of 3 touring cyclist jerseys in existence.

Burnin is less than 48 hours away so I wish all of you the best and good luck

Anonymous said...

WOW...What a bunch of chodes!

1x1head said...

hey fuck u anonymous! Fuckin Jerk!

Jim said...

I am so proud to be in one of these pics. You guys truly are #1!

Davey B said...

hey fuck you!

why don't you talk about how we fucked you up, fuckers!!!

that nico mutherfucker is a fucking jerk! he told me to fuck off every time he rode past my campsite, so i took it out on the rest of you fucks!

Casey Ryback said...

Spanish Beef doping! I know it! Nico was sending you a collective "fuck you!" that was wrapped in a basket as a gift for you. Enjoy it, because not everyone gets that beautiful gift!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Shit I wanted to be there so bad, I am in for next year. Doctor you think you can make it to? ..|.. jerks

Anonymous said...

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Doctor said...

I too will come again,and again.
And I too wil be at burnin next year. East and West meet again in the Mid-West. It just seems so right. You guys are all jerks. Fuck.

PS. My gear is the top secret 55x9, 55x11 is so 2009.

Doctor said...

I am beginning to be concerned that no one from Team Seagal HQ survived to write a race report. I need words and pictures. jerks.

Anonymous said...

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