100 Miles Within About 200 feet

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fans! There has not been a great amount of writing as of late, on this, one of the great centers of culture on teh interwebs. But that doesn't mean that we have not been riding, and racing, and then riding some moar. Our own tenured Professor, for example, has been busy giving very powerful and riveting lectures in the Eastern UFD Series. And with the Dirt Crit Series of Destiny looming shortly, we have been preparing most readily, and deciding in which class we will each be competing so as to best NOT sandbag.

So with all this pressure hanging over our heads, two Soldiers put in RFD's, (requests for deployment) which were granted from HQ. Subsequently, we found ourselves heading east into Illinois. Despite the fact that we're supposed to stay the hell out of that state, we went anyway. I, Casey Fucking Ryback, swung by the residence of the Tropical Storm to pick his bitch-ass up, with our second stop to get some pre-ride nourishment:

After delicious tots, burritos and whatnot, we continued eastward in hopes of making a Broadway/Chouteau/MRT connection. However, Energor must have not been happy with my offerings of yak semen, as he saw fit to send rain which flooded the Mississippi River, thus causing the flood gates to be closed:
A short detour had us check out the riverfront to see just how bad of shape the front lines of StL were, and it wasn't good:
Disheartening as that scene was, we pressed on, determined to get to the Ill side. Another detour up North Broadway allowed us access to the MRT, but we were once again foiled:

So we turned around and crossed the McKinley Bridge, connected with the MCT Trails, and continued up towards Alton. Seen on the way:
A sweet bird's mud-nest:I want this sign made onto a T-shirt:
So we get up to Alton hoping to stop in at Wild Trak Bikes and see what's up. We forgot to check the hours more specifically, because it's closed on Mondays, said the sign on the door. Strange thing though, lots of other businesses were closed on Mondays - we tried to eat at several places, but they were also closed. So we stopped in at the Subway mess hall, and crushed sandwiches, chips, juice, and cookies. Ooooweee - that shit lasted us another 3 hours before getting hungry again.

Journeying back the way we came, the tailwind was a relief, though the sun was plentiful despite the clouds. Our t'aints were not happy with us either. By the time we got back to Horseshoe Lake, we took a brief t'aint break, and stopped for some water. A pretty slick view is visible form this lake:
Pressing on, another stop allowed me a sneak peak at one of the fastest cars on the Hatian Speedway - the #15 Chevette! Crossing back over the river, the sun was hanging lower and lower, but there was still enough time to peruse the "scenery" on Washington Ave, and while Masson was able to finish up with a stopover at a buddy's house, I completed my "Benjamin" mileage with a lap and a half in Forest Park chasing down pathletes, and ending at my house with this count:Even though this century was one of the flattest ever (no more than a 1 or 2 hundred feet difference between min and max) at a talking pace most of the time, it was still a full day in the saddle with many things discussed. A few things that were discussed while pedaling:
-possible date for Chubb Challenge and the Vampire Century (night time century)
-dirt crits & track
-the possibility of doing Dirty Kanza next year (can't let the entire Red Wheel Team have all the fun..)
-July 4th Council Bluff Blowout
-How if we fuck up and make a mistake, we probably won't blame someone else (cough cough Trek steer tubes cough)

All of that is all well and good, but the real thing to get excited about is what may be the greatest movie of our generation coming out this summer, called "The Expendables." It pretty much has almost every good action star worth having in it.

Cast list:
-Jason Statham
-Arnold Schwarzenegger
-Dolph Lungren
-Jet Li
-Bruce Willis
-Mickey Rourke
-Steve Austin

It could be a bunch of dudes playing Parcheesi and drinking Smirnoff, and I would still camp out for days for tickets, then own the movie and watch it each night before bed. Two trailers have finally been released (though only one is showing up for osme reason):

If you don't see this movie, you're a pussy.

Come to the Dirt Crits.

-Casey F. Ryback


Good Luck at the Berryman Duathlon!

Greetings, Esteemed Jerks. It appears that Team Trail Monster, another subsidiary of Team Seagal Global Munitions Manufacturing and Wrist-Bone Research Corporation, is being deployed to the front lines of the Berryman Duathlon this weekend. Lawman will be on a borrowed bike, courtesy of one Jerky Toscani. This is because his Special-Ed decided to do this just before the MFXC race:
We wish them both great luck, hopefully they won't accidentally trip over the competition as they run right over their chafed corpses.

Just be glad that this event isn't held in Japan, because just imagine how weird it would be then:

In other news, Japan is awesome.
-Casey F. Ryback