DBMFH - It Looms

Greetings, skinny-tire-riding jorks. Climbing can be a wonderful experience, given the proper challenge and setting. That's why it'll be great to kick off the new season with some serious leg-shredding. If you're feeling good up the hill, you might be able to steal a peak at your neighbor, to see how he or she is doing, kinda like Commander Riker here:

I always knew his beard was just for show.

Just remember, avoiding a climb because you don't want to descend it is weak. Think of how much stronger you'll be. Ask yourself the same question that The Ultimate Warrior asks at :40 in this video:

...find the answer to that question, then show up.

Please park across the street from Ralph's place so we don't jam up the lot, and I'll see you there. Bring food and money, with which you can take advantage of the few gas stations along the way, as this isn't supported.

-Casey F. Ryback, Regular Guy

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robertm said...

Jesus, I wonder what those things tied around his arms were for... certainly not whats 'coursing through his veins!!!'