Found some Remnants from last year's Death By Hills Ride

Spotted less than 1/2 mile from the actual DBH route.

Preparation(h) should be well in play by now. You will not forget this day. Just don't forget where you ghost-rode your bike while your mind is simultaneously melting away and your soul cries for mercy-surely what happened here.

Jenkem before Bartizan for anyone who can identify the exact location of this monument.



TeamSeagal said...

Holy Geez, what the shit is that? It looks like where Criss Angel and his buddies parked their bikes before walking deeper into the secluded woods for some group-buggery.


Barry B said...

I am so fucked.

Mason Storm said...

Double it! Holy shit DBMFH's is almost here.

Doctor said...

those are the bicycles of victims of the previous editions of the DBMFBAH ride. No search was mounted because Criss Angel was seen in the area during the ride, and it was assumed that the victims had already been mounted.
Bring your iron underwear.

Scott said...

Criss Angel can blow my balls. Oh shit... he already did....

I am stairing at the moon right now as training for tomorrow.

Will there be doping control at the start of tomorrow's ride?

Mason Storm said...

I will be doping at the start of tomorrows ride! Wait what did you ask?! Holy shit DBH is finally here.