From Team Seagal Human Resources Dept.

Greetings, Team Seagal tifosi. From time to time we come across people that we feel would... "enhance" and give legitimacy to our cheering power on the sidelines of races. I think that this is one person that we should actively seek out, for his dedication and intensity would be no doubt be a shining beacon of light in the dark times of the CX season. These photos were taken from the Tour of Flanders.

Exhibit A, from Pezcyclingnews:

Exhibit B, taken this year:
That dude is a fucking badass.

He will make sure that our team will be moar awesorme, and less gay. On the other hand, if we had one of these "contraptions," we would be *more* gay. Like Criss-Angel-managing-a-sausage-factory gay:

Yes, go to www.rowbike.com for more.

More stuff to come.

-Casey F. Ryback


Scott said...

Dude... the Row bike is as useless as Chriss Angel at a bikini car wash. Bummed out and soft like the spunges used on your car, ewww gross.

Notice in Exhibit B. The team I ride for, RITTE, is right there on the sidlines. Worldwide international!!! His name is Phillip I have learned.

See you JERKS real, real, soon.

1x1head said...

hall & oates rule

TeamSeagal said...

Damn Scott - I can't believe that dude's jacket didn't register to me right away. Holy shit, you are a fucking jerk.


Doctor said...

Hall and Oates are amazing, no doubt, in fact they penned criss angel's favorite song "Man-eater"
However, for a truly zen experience, check out the Steven Seagal pandora station. You can thank me later.

CockPunchor said...

Doctor, I am listening to Steven Seagal & THUNDERBOX on Pandora as I type this. Amazors. Praise Energor. "I'm too proud to cry" baby!