Burnin' Awaits... For You

It won't be long now... In order to help you prepare for this ultimate test of manliness on Saturday, we're providing you with a short video clip. Study it, for it should help you better understand true badassness. It's from Predator:

Try to be like Billy.

- Casey F. Ryback


New East Coast Syndicate said...

I am deeply saddened at missing such a monumental event. So sad that I will have to retreat to the man cave eat chinese brownies and recite the scriptures for 12 straight hours. Once I have discovered true enlightenment it will be off to Mt Kohler for a session of Energor worshipping.

Hans Moleman said...

Billy aint afraid of no man

Gino said...

I know this blog is first and foremost about education, but if you have to tell people what movie that clip is from... well... i don't know what to say. The pinnacle of american cinematic mastery.

I ain't got time to bleed!

Bring on the burnin' mother fucker!

Casey Ryback said...

"...this blog is first and foremost about education..."

I can not imagine a more true statement.