CXmas is "On My Mind"

Greetings Jerks,

Mason Storm here to remind you all that this Sunday, Dec 18 2011 is the 4th Annual CXmas and it starts at HIGH Noon, same great start/finish as last year! This will no doubt be filled with greatness, and seeing that it will be my last for a while I expect there will be some nice little "EXTRAS" planned by not only me, but a few other JERKS as well. So bring your bicycle, your slutty santa gear, thirst for NOG, and holiday cheer to somewhere out West were bike lanes extend over the river and meet a bunch of JERKS for a friendly bike ride. Until then please enjoy this video, and I'll see ya THIS Sunday!

Mason "moving to seattle in 4 weeks" Storm


Marc said...

Sounds like you got the job, congrats!

I know the point of the video was the whistling, but I was more mesmerized by the mustache/mullet/Detroit shirt combo. That man is an American Hero.

Doctor said...

That is one of the greatest haircuts evar of all time. And I thought I have a mullet. Praise Energor!

TeamSeagal said...

Praise Energor, for he has given us that dude's mullet. I'd like to see more about the guy who stacks bowling balls.


BenG said...

WTF. No Storm. You are not leaving. We cannot handle the loss.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Is Criss Angel based in Seattle? It really blows donkey dick that I can't be out for this spectacular event.

Anonymous said...

SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY, The "Jerk Salute" will be in full effect!

These dudes are down: