Stay Tuned

Greetings, you jerks. As you know, we like to think of this site as one that is primarily focused on culture, education, and breaking news. But mostly education. For example, our "Educate the Public About Criss Angel" Initiative is going swimmingly, and in the coming months we hope to ramp up our "Take a Gigantic Shit On I.C.P./Juggalo" program.

That being said, we have some very exciting Sponsor-related news to drop very soon - and when we say "drop," we're talking like a Coach or Masson morning constitutional. After seeing it, you will feel relief in the same way.

Not since this contraption has the bicycle world been rocked the way it is about to be:

-Casey F. Ryback


Doctor said...

I just got one of those on Ebay, so much more fun on singletrack than my kona. got the first episode of mindfreak too. Merry CXMAS indeed. Did you know that ICP released a christian album one time????

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Praise Energor, the days of Robortion are back!!!!!!!!!!

jesse said...

I'd love to line up for a race on one of those!