The First Gateway Cross Cup

Greetings, Team Seagal aficionados. This past Wednesday, an event came to the StL that has been very highly anticipated ever since word first came of its existence. An event of such great proportions, that only the most amazing, most dedicated and ridiculous fan base that our local scene could produce. It has been of utmost importance in the Team Seagal War Room, that the rest of the CX world in some way remembers this place.

And what better way to remember what park it was held in than to honor its namesake, and dress as He-Man himself. Forrest Taft, of course, dressed as a snot rocket, to honor the time-honored tradition of cleaning the pipes.

After having had the best possible primer last weekend in Hermann, we had our voices thoroughly tested and our broadswords sharpened. Despite a course that didn't really feature anything that *really* slowed the racers down, I believe that we did manage to inject a some good flavor into the racers. We had reinforcements from Christopher and Farinella (despite his dead bullhorn), the $$$ fisherman, Jason in his wiener suit, of course all the Kona crew, Elmo, the chicken, it was all there. Between Caleb and Keith, both of whom had never been to a CX race, I think this race was successful in converting two more over to the skinny-ish tire side. And after reading T-tocs' sign, perhaps the pro's now realize that they are, in fact, jerks.

And a big thanks goes to Dan at Route 66 for the yellow horn. More noise is always good.

No usual long-winded story-arc to tell... there was simply too much debauchery and too many amazing stories to re-tell here, and that was only from the roughly 2 hours that I was there. But instead, just that this race has to be one of, if not the coolest bike race to come to our modest midwestern city. It brought people in the community from both sides of the "aisle," from deep within the mountain scene to high atop the road pedestal. EVERYONE was there - and that's the best part of it. It was awesome to get to see everyone. Even saw 'Dmon' for the first time since last season! Won't be long before Bubba returns, but before then we have some more mountain biking to do - Burnin' runs deep within my loins.

Oh, and Barry Wicks definitely now knows that T-tocs is 23.

-Casey F. Ryback, as He-Man


Ride to the Ride STL TO Columbia MO MS150 2011-Mobile.m4v

This past Friday I rode my Fixed Gear 29er from STL to Columbia MO via the KT Trail and MKT Trail, and these are the photos from the trip. I have to send out a huge shout out to Mrs. Storm for the drop at teh trail head, Nick Smith at Red Wheel Bike Shop for the light hook up, and all of our sponsors for making such nice stuff!



It's almost that time when...

...Crotch prepares his CX race-only wheels. Of course, these are the same wheels that I used at the end of last season - the same bearing grease made from the hides and blubber of freshly-clubbed baby seals, the same tires hand-sewn by the same gentleman who tends my yak farm (from which I farm other substances), and the same glue which was actually made from Secretariat. Of course, it all has to be mounted to those badass Velocity Major Tom Rims, which are the ONLY way to go around here. Clearly, when it comes to having the best and most exlusive shit on race day, there is only one way to do it. (And when it comes to someone at the pinnacle of fitness, and for whom the best parts truly make a difference, it's definitely the Coach.) And now the tires are inflated, life having been breathed back into their lungs and ready for battle high atop the Mt. Staircase at Hermann City Park this coming weekend.

So only one question remains, will you be there, or will you be like this guy:

- Casey F. Ryback

P.S. If you show up on a "Rowbike" or and Elliptigo, I will give you a massage like that.