2012 Kona Raijin - Official World Premier!

Greetings, Team Seagal Fans and all other jerks having stumbled into our blog, which is kinda like the "gimp room" of the internet. As we've stated before, we feel that mountain biking sits at the top of our cycling heirarchy. Which is one of many reasons why we are so happy to have Kona as a sponsor - they've always placed badass mountain bikes as their top priority.

Which is why we're so honored that they've agreed to have US (Yes, us! Can you believe it?) be the FIRST to publicly unveil their first titanium 29" frame - the 2012 Kona Raijin! This is the world's first official look at what's coming. These photos are of the much-drooled-over prototype frame that was built up for some (extensive) testing, and while it won't be identical to the production version, you'll be hard-pressed to identify the differences:

Drawing on their extensive knowledge in titanium, (I would kill a lot of people to obtain any of these old Kona ti frames) and their supremely excellent 29'r expertise, (and relying on Lynskey for manufacturing) Kona has concocted a frame that has enough manliness to be included on our List of Manliness.

Team Seagal's (partial) List of Manliness:
-the Kona Raijin
-chopping wood
-having a full beard
-smoking a cigarette while doing hard manual labor (like chopping wood)
-nailin' broads
-exposed chest hair
-using a chainsaw
-grilling/BBQ'ing in the cold weather
-hot sauce on everything
-movies like "The Expendables," (and it's coming sequel) "Predator," "Unforgiven," and "Commando," or anything with Charles Bronson
-shaving with your hunting knife
-dominating the mosh pit and snapping your neck while headbanging at a Napalm Death concert
-tattoos on WWII veterans (like this)

Obviously that list is in no particular order.

Another list, detailing some crucial features:

*Press fit BB30 bottom bracket

* 44mm HT designed for a 1.5″ external lower cup for tapered fork, with a zero stack upper cup (Frame is drawn around 100mm fork using external 1.5″ lower cup)

* Sliding dropouts

* Will come with both singlespeed and derailleur hangers

*Realistic tire clearance

* 27.2mm seat post
* 5 frame sizes: 16″, 18″, 19″, 20″, & 22″

...though specific geometry numbers have yet to be set in stone. As you can see, Kona has definitely been making their prototype more of a bro-totype, and have been taking careful notes as they endlessly shred their super-secret test trails. Rest assured the production frame will be capable some serious face-melting and t'aint-coddling.

It kind of goes without saying that this will be a relatively limited production run, due out in mid-late spring; so don't be like Sully and get dropped by your friends - get yours ordered today!

-Casey F. Ryback


Nico Toscani said...

Holy shit! Thank you Crotch for the great advice, today I went ahead and ordered me a Kona Raijin. I have nevar evar been so excited.

T. Scott said...

Holy shit! Nico, I think we read this post at the same time and you beat me to the punch on first comment! Holy shit! there's a Kona Raijin waiting for me come mid-Spring! Holy shit!

Scott N said...

Any word if this will be available in frame only or a built bike package. Yes I said package.

Orin Boyd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Orin Boyd said...

FU CrOrtch!!!!!
Dat thang sho is pretty!!!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Fuck'n a sweet and totally badass that TS gets to unvail to the world. Re manliness what happened to reciting chinese scriptures, snapping wrists and chugging PBR tallboys?

Doctor said...

Yes Please!!!!
And to think I already have a full beard, recite ancient Chinese scriptures, and chug PBR Tall boys.
Now I get to be a real doctor too, complete with Ti frame!

Taggort said...

What a superior writeup Coarch!!! My god, Spring can't come soon enough. I cannot wait to own a silver bike again!

-Jack Taggart D.D.S

General Lee said...

Digging the Boone cog in the picture, at least I think it's a Boone cog.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of them doing a 26" version? 29ers are a bit chutney ferret, if you catch my drift.

TeamSeagal said...

Kona has made several ti hardtails in the past, all 26".


Gino said...

Chutney ferret?
I had to look that one up, but now I know. Thank you google and urban dictionary.

Once again this blog is all about education. Even the comments.

And Scott N, the raijin is going to be frame only.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

I am receiving an education that is unmatched by any institution of higher education. Could it be Team Seagal University or College of Superior Attitude, Superior State of Mind?

T. Scott said...

I thought it was Superior University?


Anonymous said...

Yeah I know they did 26" titanium frames in the past, I own one.
But they didn't do a 26" titanium frame disc brake, tapered steerer compatible and adjusted for modern travel increased forks.

Mason Storm said...

Take it easy Anonymous.
We get it you like tiny bikes, but we here like big bikes! I for one can't wait to get aboard this Ti beauty, and maybe one day Anonymous' prayers will be answered and Kona will make a kids version just for them!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

No, No, No - it was Wrist Snap University

konaben said...

Anyone know where i can pre order one of these frames?

konaben said...

Anyone know where i can pre order one of these frames?

konaben said...

Anyone know where i can pre order one of these frames?

Doctor said...

I beleive the hub can help you kona ben

Anonymous said...

Easy to order. Just get a Lynskey Ridgleline. And get the VF if you don't want the added weight of sliders and plan to use a derailleur

Maria A.Anderson said...

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Anonymous said...

You Guys ROCK!
Any word when the Raijin will ship?
Running singlespeed Rigid?
I ordered one as well!

Anonymous said...

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