Highest JErk On Earth!

This JeRk wE kNoW is Saluting JeRkdom from damn near the top of the world

 i needed to borrow some superior attitude to get up here, hope you don't mine!
...btw this is Stella Point, about 100m below the summit.  
That's a proper salute going on inside those mittens. 
- Emily Korsch 2012 Mt. Kilimanjaro


Casey Ryback said...

Fuggin' right! Her mtb must be behind the camera. Truly, another world.


New East Coast Syndicate said...

A world where the toilets swirl in the opposite direction upon the flush of Energor

Emily Korsch said...

holy shit. you cannot believe the honor i am feeling right now.

and i didn't even make a video of the toilet swirl. guess i'll have to go back.

Orin Boyd said...

Total fuckin badass!!!