Greetings from the Pacific Northwest,

Mason Storm here to tell you all about a little mtb race yours truly and a bunch of jerk teammates of mine put on each spring, and how you too can be a part of its up coming 3rd installment. The rules are simple, so follow them, be patient, and prepare your mind/taint for some OT love this spring! The MFXC was conceived 3 years ago and will be no different this year. All participants must follow our simple registration rules, and then the rest will follow shortly after the registration close date. You will learn nothing moar of this event until that time and only if you register.

This year there are a few changes to how I'm doing registration, so pay attention. You must do all of the following by April 1 2012, anything sent to me after will not be considered. You will also have to be one of the first 100 REGISTRANTS(I doubt we'll get there, but we need to cap it somewhere...i mean this shit is FREE people?!)  The theme of this years MFXC registration is a tribute to the REPACK days and Grassroots MTB racing at it's best. All entries will be voted on as MFXC 4 T-Shirt design, so do your best work. If you need some inspiration go HERE, HERE, HERE, AND HERE.


All Non Racer's must send me the following no later than APRIL 1 2012.

1 - Pen and Ink drawn MFXC 4 non race Poster (11x8.5, Black ink only, line drawing, hand drawn, you get the idea.) Have fun with it, but also remember this could be chosen as next years t-shirt design!

Mail your poster registration along with... Name, CAT(SS Open, M Open, F Open), T-shirt Size. (New for 2012 if there are 4 or MOAR Females on SS, We will award y'all as a CAT.)

TO: Mason Storm 4824 182ND PL SW Lynnwood, WA 98037

also include...

1- 9x4/ Business envelope (for the serious business I will be sending back to you) with your return address and a stamp, Stormy's on a budget!

Also new for 2012 I will be staging the top secret classified non race materials sent back to you nonracers in order of when they arrive to me up in the great Northwest. The sooner I get them, the sooner you'll hear back from me.  And seeing that yours truly now calls WA home you can bet teh JERKS that are responsible for all of the course work/planning will no doubt raise the AWESORME bar yet again. Prepare yourselves, it's gonna be RAD. Don't forget April 1, and don't forget DBMFH!

 I hope to see all the usual JERKS for my favorite weekend of teh year in the MO WOODS. I will be flying home to non race MFXC this year, and look forward to all the serious taint numbing goodness the MO OT has to offer!  I'll be seeing you all sometime this spring!

Mason "MR.WA" Storm



New East Coast Syndicate said...

Ohshit, oh shit, oh shit, I am in anoyher country for number of daze. I will have to commit hari kari in my dojo if registration fills up before I am back.

Scott said...

ahhhh yeeeeeaahhh boooyyyyiii.... Ready to get rad.

CLark said...

Yes! Can't wait. When approx will the race be thanks!

BenG said...

holy shit. i just shat in my pants. than put on new pants and shat in them too.

mike said...

Sounds like fun, can anyone sign up or just official team members? Just single speeds or can you ride w/ gears? My first race was bt epic. I liked pushing myself. How does this compare?
Thanks for the info. Mike.