A Quick Tease from your Doctor

I took these pics on my ride home from work the othor day, Thanks Prescott National Forest!

It's Gold Baby!!



TeamSeagal said...

I highly approve of that chainring.

I am about to lay a massive, coffee-fueled, turd-shaped egg in the bottom of my home toilet. Awe yeah.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Coach, I highly approve of your bowel movement and yeah that chainring is sweet. Now to totally pimp that ride add a gold chain.
Doctor, you making MFXC?

T. Scott said...

It's gold baby!

THANK YOU JESUS!!!!...I MEAN..Doctor!!!!!!!!!

Doctor said...

Energor came to me in a vision and said he approves of both the turd shaped egg and the gold chainring. He also told me to forsake the whisky 50, and to head in an easterly direction until I see a dense cloud of chinese herb smoke rising from the forest. I am currently investigating the possibilities and it is looking more likely that I will heed the mighty Energor's words.
Fuckin' Jerks.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Confucius say listen to the word of Energor or you shall be destined to serving as the fluffer for Criss Angel.