I Don't Think He Knows Yet

Steven Seagal has a Facebook Page. (No surprises there.) Of course, I, Crorsror orF. Rorbrorck, have "liked" his page, as I need to keep updated on his goings on. Periodically, he, or whomever is the "admin" is for his FB page, will post an update that is speaking to the fans, informing them of a new TV show or some media appearance.

In this screenshot, notice the last statement in his update:

This isn't the first time I've noticed this - but I've come to realize that this is how they "sign" their updates - by referring to his/their support crew as "Team Seagal." (And the "TJ Team" refers to his new show coming out, called "True Justice.")

This is too awesome.

 -Casey F. Ryback


New East Coast Syndicate said...

Get him signed up for Burnin on that electric bike of his.

Scott said...

What a jerk

Doctor said...

What size jersey should we get him? No bibs, please energor, no bibs.

Orin Boyd said...

I second Dr's suggestion. we should totally send that jerk a jersey.