Giddy Up!


CockPunchor said...

You Fuckin' JERKS!! Just in time for MFXC!! Snap!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

That is the kind of six pack I like to have in the garage.

Nico Goscinski said...

Ha! Devin is definitely riding atop Storm's Raijin. In related news, Gino should have included a photo of his enviable moustache...all you jerks are in for a real treat!

T. Scott said...

There's a lot going on in my brain right now when it comes to pure mind explosion. Also, I can barely talk to Gino because all i can stare at is his mexstache.

i like Ti,


Taggort said...

Fuck yeah! Proper hardware for sho. Now time for an ebay selling bonanza so I can pay it off.

Impressed by how incognito Devin is in the first pic.

Mason Storm said...

Shit Yeah!
1 week from tomorrow and I will be in the MO, and aboard that Ti beauty. FUALL.
Mr. WA

Casey Ryback said...

Damnit now my keyboard is all sticky. Thanks alot.

Randy Harris said...

What is the build kit list looking like for these beauties?

Anonymous said...

Anyone going to run rigid singlespeed? (that's my plan, if I ever get mine-coming from Maine)

Doctor said...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!

Doctor said...
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Mason Storm said...

Mr. WA's Raijin Build:

REBA RLT Ti 20mm TA 100mm Black
CK HS Blue
Velocity Blunt SL lace to CK Hubs Black and Blue
XT Rear Skewer Black
HBC Ti 32t chainring
Avid Elixer Brakes Black
Thomson Stem Black
Thomson Seat post Black
Truvativ Stylo 700mm 11 sweep Hbar Black
Ergon GX2 Carbon Grips Team Green
Selle Italia Flight saddle Black
Time ATAC pedals Black
WTB Rubber
CK 20t Cog
Sram 8spd Chain
Original Blackburn Rasta Saddle bag circa 1994


Randy Harris said...

Delicious. HBC Ti - awesome.

Interesting the Avid Elixer, I've been giving thought to leaving BB7 for hydraulic.

Scott said...

Devin is riding the bull...

I hope to see all sicks of those at MFCX!

Orin Boyd said...

Titty's Raijin Build: Fully Rigid

Niner RDO Fork
Niner RDO Bars
Niner RDO Seatpost
Thomson Stem
King Headset Green (or green and gold)
King/Stan's Wheelset (Green Hubs) (Rims soon be Blunt SL) (15 thru front, 135x10 rear)
XTR Race brakes w/ cooling fin pads
XTR 980/985 Cranks (maybe XO carbon)
XTR race pedals
HBC Chainring
Surly cog (King/HBC in the near future)
Continental or WTB rubber
Most likely some Ergon grips
Fizik Alliante XM taint massager
Krieg seat bag

Doctor said...

Dr's new whip:
ethirteen crank
niner fork
answer protaper flat bar
xtr brakes
paul ss hubs
stan's arches
white industries freewheel
ergon grips
gold chainring, chain, and barplugs

Straight Baller

appleSSeed said...

Anyone know where I can score a 20" Raijin? Email me please, mrkauk@me.com

Looking good!