See You This Weekend!

Steven is upset he can't make it, but wants to suggest a product that might be worth carrying, especially when out in the woods away from sanitation services for extended periods of time.

Don't be caught without your shit-stick.

 -Casey F. Ryback


Gino said...

So is the "comfort wipe" basically for fat people that can't reach their on ass? If so, you know master steven has a whole collection of them.

Scott said...

that thing should be promoted to motocross racers. I have known racers to break both arms/wrists in bad crashes and have to lay toilet paper along the top of the bath tub after they shit, then try and sit on it and rub there asses back n forth. They said that didnt work very good and that the toilet paper would just stick to there shitty ass.

Doctor said...

Gino stole my comment, you bastard!
Dr Towlie

Anonymous said...

hey i left my sweet ass big lots camp chair around the camp fire when i left. i know i know, why do i need to say it's sweet ass when you already know it came from big lots? anyway if anyone grabbed it let me know. i'll try to find some stag ice to trade ya for it.

iamcrystal said...

Don't you think it's just better to use a bidet, do you?