Team Seagal Sighting In Leadville

Hello Jerks and followers of us Jerks.  Sasha Pestrovich here. Just wanted to let you know that our fellow teammate Scooter is in Colorado right this very minute, shredding some of the sweetest singletrack trails known to man. Yea, lucky bastard.  On that note, he is racin' this Saturday, in one of the toughest mountain bike races around.  It's not the DK200, but I guess it will pass.  Team Seagal member, Scooter, had decided to man up and ride the Leadville 100.  His plan of attack is easy.  I am not at liberty to tell you anything, so I won't.  Superior Attitude and Superior State of mind always prevails.  KRUSHIT!

**  Hollaatyourboy!


Doctor said...

race report race report!!!

Scott said...

Hey, Doctor. FU


Snappin turtle said...

Update on the damn blog !!

CockPunchor said...

Ahh, DA9SPDR, how have you been? I trust your fuji experiences are being chronicled in some hidden corner of the interwebs...Perhaps, since there has been a conspicuous lorck of blorgging over here at TSHQ (of which I {and my total lack of epic-ness on the bike, or off, for that matter} am partially to blame), you might care to enlighten us as to the happenings atop Mt. Kohler, AZ, whilst visiting this here comments section? Just a thought. Crotch is busy plotting the hidden messages of the Mysterious Pavement Domino Theory on a 3D, Govt approved, High Def mapping system, so somebody needs to do some entertaining or I'll be forced to actually work at work. Now, if I may say, Fuck you....PunchOr

Doctor said...

It's the Punchor of Cocks!! Actually, while there have been many fuji's, there has been little chronicling, but plentty of chrornic. Howevor, tomorrow I leave for interbike in Lors Vegors, which will surely leave something to be chronicled. I will do my best to keep you from working, especially at work. And as always, you are all jorks and FU