Team Seagal Sighting In Leadville

Hello Jerks and followers of us Jerks.  Sasha Pestrovich here. Just wanted to let you know that our fellow teammate Scooter is in Colorado right this very minute, shredding some of the sweetest singletrack trails known to man. Yea, lucky bastard.  On that note, he is racin' this Saturday, in one of the toughest mountain bike races around.  It's not the DK200, but I guess it will pass.  Team Seagal member, Scooter, had decided to man up and ride the Leadville 100.  His plan of attack is easy.  I am not at liberty to tell you anything, so I won't.  Superior Attitude and Superior State of mind always prevails.  KRUSHIT!

**  Hollaatyourboy!