Hey Fu**ers! It's the FeC-Kar!

Since the ratio of weekends to gravel rides/races this spring is still only hovering around 1:1 Team Seagal HQ has put together another one.

Click the link on the right to see some (de)motivational scenic pics and the same info.

The FeC-Kar

100+ miles of gravel in Iron and Reynolds County, MO

March 10, 2013

It will be nearly all gravel with some pavement and some smoothish singletrack.

Exact starting location TBD, but somewhere near Council Bluff Campground.

Start time probably 8am.

We haven't decided if this will be a group ride or some sort of non-race. Feel free to leave your vote in the comments. We might listen...

Louisville CX Worlds this weekend!!!!!!!!!


Peat said...

Holy shit!

I believe Karkaghne is now pronounced "squeal like a pig"!

New East Coast Syndicate said...

F*#k I hate living in New York, no one wants to play like the boys in St Louis.

Orin Boyd said...


Casey Ryback said...

I agree with Boyd - Wurster/Dubster, you need to move your ass down to St. Louis. There is a THRIVING financial district (underneath my mattress) and tons of sunlight in the summer for jenkem fermentin'. Come and get ripped. You can even stay in my basement until you find a house to buy.

Doctor said...

I have noticed a lack of superior attitude in the west as well Dorbs. Flashes here and there, but nothing like Team Seagal!!!!

PS. Don't take the candy. Did Coach buy a windowless van? It puts the lotion on it's skin.

Shlomo said...

I love that I spent the weekend with you jerks, but I gotta stumble onto the blog to find out about this shit. Whatever, sounds like fun. Count me in.

peat henry said...

Dwayne, Adam, and I are interested and will be there. Gonna drag a few more out possibly. I vote non race if its easy enough to set up. Participants can make it a group ride if they want. And go Fec yourself!

wannabe said...

I'm with Peat, whatever it is.

kawdenco said...

Have you guys decided exactly where this starts? Council Bluff Campground? Where is that?