Achtung! Atencion! ATTENTION! Fec-Kar is Cancelled! (For now)

You there! Listen up! If you had planned on embarking on this manly ride on Sunday, the Fec-Kar, then rest easy.

Much like the pressure that has been building all day ending up in a massive shit, you should be breathing a sigh of relief. On account of almost guaranteed rain, very few people who were definitely showing, and (by design) no provisions for a broom wagon or sag support of any kind, continuing with this super burly ride could actually lead to some problems. The projected 50-60 degrees could be super awesome all day in the sun... but... those same temperatures in the rain would be more miserable than having that one dumbass dump his huge beer all over you while he's is foolishly standing at the edge of the mosh pit. (Why the fuck do people do that?)

So in the interest of not sending people out on a death-march, stand down, get your bike m0ar dialed-in, and study those maps more closely. And stay tuned, as this ride is too badass to not reschedule. No word yet on when that will be, but to help temper yourself, you had better start taking a belt-sander to your t'aint now to get that callous nicely grown in.

In the meantime, I think that Simpsons were channeling Slayer here:

On Behalf of Pizz0rThyme,
-Casey F. Ryback

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