MFCX 4: Buffin dat trail

With MFXC 4 only 6 short days way Team Seagal HQ dispatched 3 jerks to check on and clean up most of this years race route. Many points of interest occupied the day from rye whiskey to the plight of feral cats stalking your favorite OT parking lot to the quality of meat in Hardees breakfast sausage, but the main goal of the day was to snap the wrists of any trees impeding or slowing the flow of Middlefork trail goodness.

Many a tree was rolled off the trail, snapped in a half, or brought down to a lower level. And thanks to the patented Reverse-Landing Strip* applied to the trail by the AmericaCorp mowing crews and the OTA the MFXC 4 route is getting ready to shred. If you want some of this, you will have to head to your favorite Northern Arkansas race next May.

Final course length looks to be about 28 miles with 9 miles of that on gravel. It's a little longer than wanted for a night non-race, so there will be a marked optional bail out of about 23 miles (a little over 9 on gravel) for those that worry about being out too long.

Not having a Lawman with us and his certified sawyering skills leaves you to hack away...

DrewB working out some frustrations

Titty approved!

My grandma could ride over that now

Using found objects as directional arrows

I think you need new gloves Mr Mammary

Found on an old North Trace section a couple of years ago

*all clean where you're looking to go, all bushy and overgrown off to the sides


Unknown said...

Nice rye whiskey reference!! Stoke is high BRRRAAAHHHHs!!

Doctor said...

It looks as though titty should have taken the found glove and hung his on the tree. Oh sweet middlefork, how you Doctor does miss thee.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i'm finna start training for this shit. i'm gonna crossfit the shit out of my hairy, swollen balls.


T. Scott said...

Ya'll bunch of fucking jerks! especially clean baby face titty!