MFXC 4: Final Update

Those of us at Seagal HQ are more excited about this weeked than Criss Angel was the summer he got hired as a  counselor at Camp Weeno Dubac Groundcheks...

The weather is looking totally amazors for July in Missouri. Today's little bit of rain should make the trails perfect. Don't forget a jacket so you don't upset your mom, there will be a chill in the air overnight.

There will still be water at one point on course just in case. We will also have a fire or two going at the start/finish to warm up to or throw some food on if you want after the non-race is over.

One last time:

Start/Finish in the Council Bluff Campground off of hwy DD in Iron County. Starts at 9pm.

Be there.

There will also be a group ride Sunday morningish around the lake with a trip up to the bluff. A not miss for those that haven't been there.

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Doctor said...

It is 6:30 here in sunny AZ which means you jeherks start non racing in half an hour. As such I wish Energor's blessings on each of you, and that Criss Angel doesn't find you alone in the woods.