MFXC 4: Teh Prizors

For those of you planning to be at the Council Bluff campground in 9 days, you know the reason you will be there: Team Seagal puts the party in "late night underground non-race awesomeness" (I'm sure there's a party in there somewhere, but if not it's still awesome and here's a "p" and "y" to help you out)

For those of you not spending the weekend getting ready to set your new PR at the local Y on Sunday,   here's some more reasons give the OTA $10. You could win any one of these prizes:

1. ENO Hammock

2. Pair of Velocity Blunt SL 29er rims

3. $300 worth of Gift certificates to the Hub Bicycle Company

4. Bags of custom roasted PNW Coffee beans from Middle Fork Roasters, Seattle WA.

Plus every $10 will get you one of those manly Kona thumbs up mugs.

PBR will provide beverages and other items as PBR Dave is known to do.

For those who can't be bothered to read any posts below this...


Saturday July 27, 9:00PM

Council Bluff Campground

Length: approx 25 miles


CockPunchOr said...

Get Totally Mini Vaned

Doctor said...

This race is going to be hotter than Criss Angel at a t-ball tournament.

Your welcome,
Doctor "Cheeseburger Walrus" Mclaren

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Is there a Strava option so those of us (Doctor and C-Dubbs) that are distance challenged (and too high on jenkem) can compete for such fine product?