Happy Sunday Jerks!!!



Doctor said...

Holy shit that was amazing!

New bluff toilet
glistens in the sun
jenkem shotgun blast

Casey Ryback said...

Butthole clenched so tight
I don't just fart, I whistle
It's a poo laser

Doctor said...

innocent turd gasses
tickle my lungs
visions of burning

Jenkem vapors
blowing my mind
October pit toilet opening

cockpunchOr said...

when poo hits water
lovely vapors will appear
inhale deeply, jerk

poo, heat, combine well
bottle and balloon that shit
those vapors heal all

Doctor said...

breaking jenkem news
Waves of euphoria

New East Coast Syndicate said...

My taint is so excited

Casey Ryback said...

eat enough veggies
fart out vegetable salad
huff your veggie servings

cockpunchOr said...

triathletes still shit
though in a girly mannOr
can that make jenkem?

I crashed a fred out
on the tour de wildwood
no shit, this is true

Johnny Jenkem said...

crashed out fred
wildwood pavement
glistening red