Greetings from the PNW, MFG Seattle CX Race #1 Big Finn Hill Report


Mason Storm here from wonderful Washington State with a short race report from yesterdays race in the MFG Seattle CX Series. Check them out HERE.  I'm such a JERK that this season I'm working for them as a course volunteer in exchange for a comped season pass, similar to my bubba days, but on a level that is still hard to grasp. Cross out here is insane, and yesterday proved it. Race was held at Big Finn Hilll Park in Kirkland, WA. Hilly, technical, greasy, gravely, muddy, and fast! This season marks a lot of first for me as a CX racer, so not only am I racing in  a whole new state, I'm doing it on a 1x11 2013 Kona Unit 29er Rigid with hydraulic Disc Brakes, and Tubeless wheels. Stoked is all I can say after yesterdays race, disc brakes are where its at in CX. Sneak Peek below.

I've already ordered some new tubeless CX tires that I will swap out to before #2, decided to go with the Stan's Ravens 700x35, and I know I'll be able to rip with that faster/lighter set-up. A huge change also for me in my category as here in WA they have so many racers they can actually support a Clydesdale CAT, so being the HUGE JERK that I am I signed up for the big boy show. I've decided to drink moar beers as to keep the weight up throughout the season, and go for the series overall leader in the clydesdale cat this season. Trying to focus on FUN, FITNESS, & FREE racing as my mantra for my season as I got nothing to loose, except maybe a few LBs leading into the 2013-14 snowboard season.

All 16 of us were well over 200 LB lining up. Fuck, the dude that won looked like Dolph lundgren ate Carl Weathers, and Shit Jason Statham, Homeboy was SWOLL, like his ass got stung by a million bees right before the race started! Race started with a fast gravel straightaway that led into a slick off camber up hill, down hill, corner fuck fest, and I watched two guys eat it within the first minute of the race. My bike choice was proving to be the secret weapon, and I was able to ride the whole course with no issues. The course was a blast to ride, and I was having a blast with my new KONA. Looking forward to racing my MTB every weekend this Fall. I ended up playing yoyo with 2nd place until I snapped his wrist halfway through our bell lap. First race over, 2nd Place finish. Felt great on the bike, stoked for the season ahead.


M. Storm


Skeet Skeet said...

GTFed JERK. This jerk was doing the exact same thing in Illinois. Build courses and racing for free.


Johnny Jenkem said...

Holy shit, the great Masonic Storm!! Nicely done sir, nicely done. Fuck Carl Weathers. The bike is looking sweet. Cyclocross is a rare beast here. There are a few races in Phoenix, but all 20 guys that show up are to pro to drink beer. I brought a 30 pack of PBR and not one person in the other races took a beer hand up. Had to drink all 30 myself. That was a rough evening. I miss the series in MO fo sho. You guys are all jerks.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Maor beard doping will ensure you a first place in the overall. Any chance you will be joining the good Doctor and I at Burnin and what about you Skeet?
Also one kick ass ride.

Skeet Skeet said...

Scooter will be there.

Anonymous said...

Get Fucked Or Die!!!!

Anonymous said...


Casey Ryback said...

The Tropical Storm
Takes shits on his opponents
Tastes good, they want more.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

Scooter, glad you will be there. This year I will be able to indulge in the fine yeasty malted beverages and hard liquors of the finest varities.

Doctor said...

Darth Vader impregnated by Cipolini
Time trial bike on ride with climbs
Can't finish, forgot my garmin

The above tri-ku is based on real events. A guy on a shiv with time trial helmet complete with visor failed to finish our local road race, which is 50 miles 4800ft of climbing. Upon entering the sag truck he said he couldn't finish because he forgot his garmin. I shit you not. When we dropped him off back in town I noticed the ironman logo tattooed on his calf. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up.


New East Coast Syndicate said...

What a turd, he should add a tatoo of a mangina to his leg

Casey Ryback said...

dude. fuck that turd-biscuit.