2014 Winter Jerkduro Series

Have you been a proper jerk this holiday season? Eating and drinking everything in sight?

Well it's time to put that "training" to use, and with the help of gravity, see what you can do with those extra pounds. It's also a chance to work a few more "brah"s and gnar"s and "stoke"s  and "brown pow"s into conversation. And don't forgot your goggles, go pro mounts, body armor, and your POC helmet (or full face if you're really ready to SHRED). It's time for a little enduro action, Team Seagal style.

It's time for
Team Seagal's Winter Jerkduro Non-race Series.

Sundays January 26 thru March 3 weather permitting *SEE BELOW*

Bluff View Trail, Glencoe, MO

Jerkduro Non-Racing
1. Riders will sign in at the parking lot near the Al Foster trailhead and the little railroad
2. Everyone will head to the trail start off the Al Foster (at the signpost)
3. Riders will head up one at a time in 30sec staggered starts for the uphill timed segment. Riders leave in order of sign in
4. Riders will finish at the top of the singletrack where it meets the old road (the other signpost)
5. After all riders have reached the top we will regroup for the the timed descent
6. Riders will leave one at a time in 30 sec staggered starts for the timed downhill run
7. Finish is crossing the mini railroad tracks on the Al Foster

Total time= (Uphill segment) + 2x(DH segment)

We are doubling the downhill run to make it more enduro-ee. Plus we don't want the best times to be the guy or gal that can climb the fastest. We're jerks and are timing the uphill, but we're not that big of jerks.

*Weather/Scheduling notes*
 On the friday before each weekend there will be a post on whether the non-race is happening that weekend and what time the first rider will start. Due to typical freeze/thaw cycles, most Sundays the start times will be earlier (think 8:00-9:00). Some days it might be too warm and too wet, so then it will be cancelled. Maybe we'll get an unusual warm and dry spell of weather and we'll have a later start sometime. Ultimately, we hope to at least get a few of these in during those 6 Sundays.

As with all non-races entry is FREE. Please spread the word, but not too far. We're just a bunch of jerks looking to have some fun in the woods. No headaches please.


TeamSeagal said...

Dude-brah - I'm totally gonna get absolutely pitted. In fact, I'm going to try and get in some snowy recon tomorrow, assuming I don't get totally fucked in the butthole!


New East Coast Syndicate said...

Can I ride up and down the staircases of my apt building and send in the times?