Jerkduro-The Deuce

Number Two is about to happen!
No, you don't need to clench your butthole tighter, Jerkduro #2 will be happening this Sunday at Bluff View Trail. Bluff View is generally fast fun and reasonably flowy, no sphincter-tightening sections to be found here.

When: 10am Sunday Feb 2
-This means some jerks will be there at 930 or so to take down non-racer names, bomb the porta-potties, and generally make you wonder why you showed up
-Around 10am we'll ride over to the start of  Bluff View as a group

Where: Gravel Lot with the porta-potties near the start of the Al Foster trail

Yeah its going to be cold...
So dress warm, drink up, remove that sand, and be there!

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