MFXC 5: Deets n Mo info Yo

Only 2 weeks remain until the magnificence that is MFXC 5 will be upon us. Or should I say MFXC 5.1 and MFXC 5.2? That's right loyal readers (Who still really reads this blog anyway? I mean if it's not on teh facebooks it didn't really happen, right?), this years MFXC consists of 2 stages:

MFXC 5.1, The Karkness

When: Saturday August 9, 2014 9:00PM
Where: Suttons Bluff Campground
What: 20ish miles of nighttime goodness on the Karkaghne section of the OT

MFXC 5.2, The Karkness of Day

When: Sunday August 10, 2014 11:00AM
Where: Suttons Bluff Campground
What: 35ish miles of goodness on the Karkaghne section of the OT


Being the jerks that we are at Team Seagal HQ, we have procured the Group Campsite at Suttons Bluff for both Friday and Saturday night. It has room for 32, and can take up to 8 cars. $3 per person to camp there should offset the costs. You might have to pay the forest service something for parking your car depending on how all of that goes. You can also probably grab your own site if you need the privacy or are feeling too euphoric while at the group site.

The campground has water, toilets (flushing ones; sorry Coach, no giant jenkem factories), and even showers. Yes, showers; so there is no need to go Tom Petty style this weekend.

You can enter one or both non-races, but for a chance to be the big winner you have to Nibali it and crush all of the stages. You can't just Froome it and quit after 1.* MFXC 5 champion will be crowned based on placings during both non-races. You must enter both races to be eligible. Bonus points might be awarded for numbers of beers consumed between the start of MFXC 5.1 and the end of MFXC 5.2.

Don't forget that you need to be fully self-sufficient during these non-races. We do plan to put water at one spot on Sunday's longer course though. If the weather forecasts to be extremely hot on Sunday, we might move the start time to earlier. The listed times are start times. Be there earlier to check-in and such. We will mark each course with paint and tape, and will have some basic maps available for those that tend to get lost.

In the meantime : GTMV'd! And don't forget to spread the word!

*mandatory end of July lame TdF reference


Hellz yeah! Its Back! MFXC 5: The Karkness

Basic info for now:


9pm Saturday August 9th, 2014*

Sutton Bluff Campground

Night time fun on sections of the OT to be featured in the OT100, sections many of you might have never ridden.

*Time is definite. Location might change due to course needs.

Check back later for full details.