Things to Keep in Mind This Sunday

Greetings, slobbering Team Seagal minions. With all the reschedules and what-have-yous, I occurred to the higher-up fat-cats in the Team Seagal management structure (Energor himself, for we all answer to him) that there may be a few things being forgotten. So if you plan on dragging your festering, bloated near-corpse up and down all the west county hills with us this sunday, these are a few reminders...

When: Clipping in a 9AM

Where: across the street from The Wolf Coffee Company at Kehr's Mill Road and Clayton Road - the parking lot for Fortel's Pizza Den.


Scroll down for a turn-by-turn que sheet.

A few more notes:
  • Do not expect the initial group to stick together - it will break up and form cute little grouplets. If you don't know where you are going, then make sure to stick with someone who does!
  • I'm pretty sure this will be a big fucking group, so please be courteous to drivers, which means not blocking the lane on two lane roads (of which there are many!)
  • There are only 2 gas stations/refuel points on the route - one at mile ~30 (at Allenton Road and Hwy 44) and the other one is 50 miles later at mile ~80 (at Wildhorse Creek Road and Eatherton.)  PLAN YOUR WATER ACCORDINGLY!!
In life, try to keep in mind, when making decisions, "WWBD?" What Would charles Bronson Do? Here's your morning inspiration to get you super pumped:

You're Welcome,
 -Casey F. Ryback

P.S. Here is your que sheet, again:

-Start at Lone Wolf Coffee
-Head west on Clayton,
-Left on Thunderhead Canyon Dr.
-Left on Westglen Farms Dr.
-Right on "Village Plaza View Dr," toward the stripmall
-enter bike path opposite the parking lot
-left across black pedestrian bridge, crossing Hwy 100
-left after bridge
-hard right off of curb onto Old Manchester (across from the Jack in the Box)
-left onto Woods Rd. Descend and turn left up Bartizan, come back down, and continue down Woods.
-left onto bike path and ride south along Hwy 109.
-left up Old State for about .1 mile
-left onto Redtail Hawk Dr
-Then turn/veer left onto Johns Cabin Rd, which is a clockwise loop (Mitch's secret training loop) and will bring you back to Old State. (BUT not before making a quick left up and back down Starwood Rd!)
-Cross 109 at Old State, turn right up Alt Rd.
-Left on Forby.
-Right on N. Central Ave
-Cross over Hwy 44, turn right onto West Main St (in between train tracks.)
-left onto Wengler and start Allenton Loop, going CCW.
-Exit Allenton Loop to the left, go underneath Hwy 44, and climb Allenton Rd. *GAS STATION*
- right onto Scenic Loop Rd, going the RIGHT way. Let's avoid confusion, and park rangers. This is different than what the Garmin link shows.
-right back onto Allenton Rd.
-left onto Melrose
-right onto Hwy 100
-right onto Woodland Meadows Dr.
-right onto Old Manchester
-right onto Glencoe (through Rockwoods.)
-Go straight up Melrose
-Turn right (again) onto Hwy 100, cross over and turn left and continue on Melrose all the way until it descends to Hwy T.
-Left on T
-Left on Bassett
-Left onto Cremin's Green, out-and-back. Continue up Bassett.
-Left onto Old Manchester
-left onto Bouquet.
-Left onto Ossenfort (at the big white farm house)
-Cross T, and continue on Ossenfort.
-Continue straight onto Wild Horse Creek
-turn left up Babler Forest as an out-and-back.
-Come back down, and turn right onto Wild Horse Creek, climbing to Rieger.
-Turn left onto Rieger
-Right on Pond.
-left on Smith School Rd.
-Left on BA.
-left into Babler State Park. Once in Babler, turn right onto John Cochran Dr (CCW loop), turn right up Theodore Wirth Drive, and left down Guy Park Dr (past the pool). Turn right back up John Cochran Dr, climb up the first hill, and turn left at the bottom of the other side (also John Cochran Dr (be careful on the gravel!) and duck under gate to exit Babler State Park.
-Immediately turn right up Wild Horse Creek Drive (Doberman.) *GAS STATION*
-Turn right onto Old Eatherton.
-Left onto Orville.
-Right up Shephard.
-Left onto bike path alongisde 109
-Left onto Clayton
-Left on Strecker
-Right on Kehr's Mill
-(option to turn left into Saddle Creek Neighborhood and reconnect up to Kehr's Mill at top of hill)
-or take Kehr's Mill straight back to The Wolf Public House.

*Please take note of where to exit Babler State Park - it is not well marked, and easy to miss. It is at the bottom of the second climb, when you will pass by it at first, and then loop back around to it. It is not very well paved, and you will have to go underneath a metal gate.


New East Coast Syndicate said...

Don't forget the TP

Craig said...

Additional water stop at my old house. Corner of Melrose and summit view place drive . 3140 is the address

Anonymous said...

Good to kniw, craig -sweet!


cockpunchOr said...

Also, when coming up Shepard a half-mile or so before 109 bike path, you can detour through Winding Woods subdivision (Bent Ridge Drive) to the right and stop for water at my place if needed. hook up with bike path at Western end of Bent Ridge.

New East Coast Syndicate said...

If any of you are feeling total superior attitude and superior state of mind you can swing by my place in NYC. I will be serving up fine local craft beers and mandarin lessons.

Strove said...

My parents are looking forward to feeding us again. They'll be at rockwoods middle school on hwy ba just before the descent to Babler.