Death By Hills Update

Here ye, here ye - attention to anyone who is planning on showing up for this year's ride - there is a fairly major route change afoot. It's looking more and more like we are the equivalent to the boy in Criss Angel's closet - fucked more each day.

There is a bridge inside Rockwoods Reservation, that is, along Glencoe Road, that is going to begin demolition and rebuild this week:


I have looked, and there is no reasonable re-route. As it pertains to us, (a group of 50-100 cyclists) it will be closed to traffic. This eliminates the long Melrose Road climb back up to the stop sign at Allenton Road. This unfortunately translates into an elimination of a roughly 8 mile loop, that offered a ton of scenery, and a long, gradual descent to rest your legs.

 So please note the difference for this year, and rest assured that next year it will once again be part of the ride. This is the new map going forward, so pass it along and tell your friends:

Just remember what Arnold sez:

Ya'll a buncha bitchez - particularly C-Dubs.

-Casey F. Ryback

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Death by hills 2018?