2017 Death By Hills

Mark your calendars.You're probably using a blackberry - what are you, some important business guy?

WHEN:  Sunday, February 26th. If the weather sucks shit, we'll postpone it a week, but probably not. Word is that your boy Mason Storm is going to be in town!

9AM - Clicking in at 9AM. So get there by 8:45. I'm talking to you, Pizza Time, Nico, Titty....

Where is the start: Clayton and Kehrs Mill Road, In front of the Fortels Pizza Den, Across from The Wolf Public House

What's the fucking route, Lebowski:

-We can not ride down (and up) Woodlawn Meadows, so the route has been slightly altered, but should not change the mileage in a meaningful way.
-So we have to make up this hill by turning left up Rocky Ridge off of the bike path alongside Hwy 109. This is an out-and-back, and not long after Bartizan, so prepare yer nutsack.

NO ONE IS "IN CHARGE" OF THIS RIDE. THIS IS AN UN-MARKED, UNSUPPORTED RIDE - YOU ARE 100% ON YOUR OWN, unless your riding buddies are along side you. Know the route, have the Garmin route uploaded, or stick with someone who DOES know the route. Bring water and food, as there are only two gas stations - one at mile ~29, the next at mile ~75. That's it.

My dumbass can make it up all these hills, and I drink like a 6 pack a day. So you should attempt it as well. See ya there.

-Casey F. Ryback
The "F" stands for "get totally minivanned"