Chubb Reconnaissance - thumbs up!

Yes yes yes, we know what yer' thinkin'. What's the story with the trail?!?!!!111!!111!!!11oneoneeleven0n3

Well, we have good news of our lives for you! Wednesday, myself (Casey Ryback), Gino Felino, and Mason Storm ventured out to the Chubb trail in order to theorize, hypothesize, and jazzercize about the time trial on Sunday. We also happened to run into Lt. Colonel Austin Travis who was already on the trail. Unfortunately for him, he was taken out of commission nearly as quickly as he was in Executive Decision! This time, however, it was simply a hub that wouldn't stay tight - not a failed airlock connecting a stealth fighter to an jumbo jet.

Our assessment: the trail is in (relatively) great shape. That is, relative to the trail as it has been this summer. Of course it is as loose as the "veteran corner talent" in all the normal spots, but as long as it isn't raining on Sunday it should be a prime example of autumn riding in Missouri. The colors are really coming around - just take a look:

I wish I had a camera better suited to movement:

We even did a little trail work. This log has lain in the middle of the river-flat rock garden for a month or two. It is just a little too high to clear without risking a bent chainring:

Well, we don't have the ability to lug a chainsaw all the way to the log. So we made it a usable obstacle by shoring up each side. This is what mountain biking is all about - clearing an obstacle, not just riding around it. From both directions:

A lot of people probably wonder how we manage to ride like champions. I'll let you in on a Team Seagal secret to our superiority: Mini-Steven guiding us!

Here's your ticket - print them off and give them to your friends:



Gino said...

Wow, the awesomeness must have been such that it blew my mind and I don't remember even being there.

Dwayne G said...

was out at chubb tonight. the trail is in great shape, little rain never hurt nobody!! should be good to go on sunday, do my best to be there.

Brian said...

Those three logs along the river bottoms are all doable without helper sticks piled against them. Logs don't bend chainrings...concrete benches most certainly do.

Just sos you knows.

Brian said...
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åaron said...

radical! count on me not being there in person, but in spirit only...alas, beers and YET more partying call me out!