Don't Forget about the Chubb Time Trial!

Greetings, Loyal Team Seagal Fan. If I were to ask you what colossal event is taking place on October 28th and you answered "Why the glorious Chubb Time Trial, Mr. Ryback!" Then you would be absolutely correct.

This doesn't cost you any money aside from the gas that it takes to drive to the trailhead. This is one of many reasons why you should tell all of your mountain biking friends. Other reasons include: riding your bike, riding your bike with others in a social manner, not being though of as weak sauce.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: We will not be closing the trail, so you will most likely encounter other riders/hikers/birdwatchers/lovers. Proceed with caution and with courtesy - keep in mind that if you encounter them, so will everyone else, and therefore no one has an advantage. Don't make us (us = all mountain bikers) look bad.

Be there by 9:30AM, as we'll stop taking names at 9:50 in order to have the first racer leave by 10AM.

Refer to our previous post regarding the course. Be advised: the West Tyson loop will be done COUNTER-CLOCKWISE! There will be a supreme Team Seagal representative at the picnic table handing out spoke cards, so be sure to not just BLAZE though.

We want you to attack the trail like the Ultimate Warrior attacks the ropes!


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