Announcements - Thanksgiving Day and Hogsback TT

Do you like to ride your bike? Do you like to get dirty? (And by "dirty," I mean "dir-tay.") Do you like to be around a bunch of badass dudes?

If you've answered "yes" to any or all of the above questions, then we have what you need. Moar riding! Two semi-official events coming up:

- Thanksgiving Day at the Chubb Trail! The Lone Elk parking lot on Thanksgiving morning is always full of cool people that ride their bikes, all ready to ride at the same time. This isn't really an event that we're "putting on," but rather one that we'll be attending. We'll be out there in full force shooting all the other riders with lazers coming out of Mini-Steven's eyes! 10AM-ish? Be there or be L7.

- Hogsback Hillclimb Time Trial! This is just a reminder to be there or be L7 to see just how fast you can go up those killer switchbacks. Klondike Park has some super-badass trails, and recently GORC put in some very nice teeter-totters out on Powerline, just before Donjo's Trail. Time Trial starts at NOON on the bridge just below the end of the singletrack, and climbs up to the very top of the trail, before you turn to head back down. After all that business is over, then we'll go for a satisfying group ride afterwards - destination TBA.

Finally, I just thought I'd share this picture that I think is badass:

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