Sightings at State CX Championships

Bet you're sick of seeing all those scantily-clad dudes each time you check this site, amirite?

In spite of many soldiers left behind and much fallen frozen rain, two Team Seagal representatives journeyed beyond the city limits in search of grueling race conditions, located within the Hermann, MO city limits. However, this time it was not for the purposes of participation, but rather, to support those looking to ride their CX bikes really fast in freezing temperatures, in the rain. For the State Championships, the 1's,2's and 3's were combined into one race since there were a grand total of approximately 7 racers. Our good buddy Dave Breslin took 3rd I believe, and was the only badass to NOT get lapped by the first and second place guys, both of whom had locomotive engines for legs. Nice work, Dave.

The hot, punishing action was not only on the race course, but apparently also in the Xmas light displays (this is hilarious - did anyone else notice?):

The government is denying that they are torturing terrorism suspects by forcing them to enter a cyclocross race and run up these stairs on each lap:

Some po' bastids' bike:

This really lifts the spirits as you come through the start/finish:

An interesting occurrence on the caution tape:

Stay tuned - video at eleven!

-C. Ryback


Shop Minister said...

I got to say that I feel like a bum for not braving the icy roads yesterday. I really, really wanted to go but I didn't want to take the risk, nor did my wife.
It just goes to show that the local media loves to play up weather conditions and exaggerate them in order to seem important. Next I shall not be fooled!

Robert T. Metz said...

i think im funna have to race Cross next year just so i can clear the barricade that have cankles writen on it. If they spelled it with a K i would be sueing those punks