Movie Review: "Rambo" - by Casey Ryback

"When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing"

When making the decision to see the newly-released Rambo movie, I was pretty excited, as I am a big fan of action movies. Especially when they are part of a badass series of badass movies. However, nothing could have prepared me for the cinematic epic of glorious death that awaited me at the movie theater that night! From beginning to end, the pain fell like rain. People died in almost every imaginable way. Mushroom cloud explosion? Check. Esophagus ripped from throat by hand? Check. Arrow through the face? Double check. Cut in half by .50 cal? Centuple (100) Check. Flame thrower? Mines? Disembowling? Rock-to-skull? CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK! I mean, how often do you see a person turn into a cloud of tomato soup?

But this isn't just strictly about body counts. This is about vengeance, and giving people what they deserve. In the process of making this movie, Stallone must have spent much time thinking very hard on just how to make the bad guys really, REALLY bad. The thought process must have been something along these lines: "Ok, this guy is already a piece of shit. But how much worse can he look? Can we turn him into such a bad guy that people in real life will actually attemt to kill the actor?" Without giving anything specific away, I will say that you may have the sudden urge to get out of your seat and cheer at the screen as if you were in a high school pep rally.In addition to the vast amounts of jaw-dropping action scenes, the cinemtography and style in which the movie is portrayed makes everything that happens feel much more real and hard-hitting. Gritty and visceral are two words to describe it. Oh yeah, and graphic. This is NOT some campy 1980's action flick. (And believe me, this team knows their 1980's actions movies.)

Bottom line, this movie raises the bar for ALL movies, and it will give us (well, maybe just me) inspiration on the upcoming 3/6/12/24 hour epics races and rides coming up this season. You need to watch this movie now.

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