WTF is with these guys and energy drinks?

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fan. Casey here, with another ridiculous energy drink review. This time, we have 3 very strange beverages indeed. Unlike our previous drinks that stand out due to their movie-star endorsement or extremely over-sized can, these 3 actually employ titmouse-sized containers, and if they were to be endorsed by a celebrity, it would probably be this lady:

The three contestants, none of being refreshing or carbonated:

All of which have healthy dose of Asian lettering, which is interesting and makes for plenty of personality, but what if I wanted to know what was actually in the drink?

Ooo, look at that - 50mg of Ching Chong Nip Nong!

The M150 SOUNDS like a firecracker. Sometimes a firecracker-like drink would be good if you want a pick-me-up. This is more like putting your lips onto the spout of a fountain-soda syrup bladder that has yet to be mixed with carbonated water. That's bad. It LOOKS like I found it buried in Old Man McGillicuddy's medicine cabinet. The absolute BEST feature of this drink though is found on the front label:

Apparently this drink has qualities of Heroism and Leadership - it says so on the badge! It's as if M150 is the Sheriff of Energy Drink Town, and it won't allow any drinks that are followers, or are un-heroic to pass through. Classic.

The other two drinks, "Carabao" and what is apparently the original Red Bull.

Turns out, they both taste EXACTLY the same, and that taste is surprisingly similar to Red Bull - from Holland. The mini Red Bull can has a pull-tab, reminiscent of the beer cans that your dad would drink back in the day when he'd come home from work and beat you. ("Dammit Bobby!") The nice thing about Holland Red Bull though? It has CARBONATION! and NOT AS MUCH SUGAR!

Unlike the notorious Fixx drink, I WAS able to finish all three of these... things. (Though they are only like 5 fl. oz., so that isn't saying much.)

One more thing to note about Asian Red Bull - you can win a crazy Asian mountain bike! Do those fenders come standard?

Lesson Learned: When a teammate of yours comes up to you and hands over a "bag 'o energy drinks," do not hesitate by questioning the outcome of this endeavor - simply grab and run! Quickly! The outcome can ONLY lead to a more Superior Attitude, and a Superior State of Mind!

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Anonymous said...


You will need to bring some M150 to Syllamo's Revenge. They just announced date of 5/3/08. Registration opens for the 350 slots on 1/15/08 at midnight.

Chris N.