Planning a mid-week vacation? Why not beautiful Lake Chubb!

Greetings and a pleasant good day to fellow Team Seagalers and non-Seagalers alike. Look at the current state of the magnificent stretch of dirt designated to memorialize the great, late Robert Walston Chubb. The normally placid Meremac River has become rather angered by the recent snow and rain - it has been shown that when swelled the Meremac will go wherever the hell it wants. Lt. Col Austin Travis and I discovered these sights yesterday afternoon at the end of the first big rock garden parallel to the now mighty river.

Trail conditions encountered until this point were generally very good, only slightly sloppy and moderately manure-ly when descending from the Lone Elk trailhead. Although we were unable to continue on towards the rocky ascents of West Tyson Park via the normal channels, we did find our way around the newly formed Lake Chubb to complete our lap (we tried to hire the Destroyer's boat, but instead decided to think "tracks"). The Lt. and I are happy to report that the West Tyson portion is currently completely rideable, and as always very highly recommended.

The River bottoms portion of Chubb as Lone Elk park segues into West Tyson is under 5 feet of water, look at the sign pointing adventurers’ on towards West Tyson, it is almost completely submerged!

Let us all pray to the Lord of Chubb that the flood waters will soon recede, and that the trail is soon restored to its former glory. Until then, who's down to ride The Berryman? I haven’t been yet.
Thanks for stopping by,

-Nico Toscani


Anonymous said...

This is truly a sad moment. I forsaw this flood, and that made me cry so much that I made the river rise up to the point where it flooded its banks! Sorry guys...

If I can get a day to ride Berryman, I'd love to!

-C. Ryback

Marc said...

I'm in for Berryman if it's a day I can make.