The X-Men of NYC - Watch this and thank me later

We should really be wearing neon hockey helmets and body armor in order to be extreme!

"We don't like to brag or nuthin', but we're second to none."

White tube socks ho!

-C. Ryback, who now wants to be called "Pistol Pete 9MM"


Marc said...

And you harassed me for the white socks at St. Joe!
I like the girl on the fixie with no brakes and no helmet telling the car to get out of her way.

FelletBrazing said...

That was amazing! I don't know what was better; wearing hockey gear to cycle in, or being a "Jedi" training to become an "X-man" that's also a "Klingon."
Man those were the days. You could do whatever you wanted, as long as it was "crazy!"

Anonymous said...

Crazy Jim's last name is Jim, not Hack