Coming to a West County near you - group road ride!

With all this talk about excellent road rides, wrecked road bikes, new road bikes (both handmade and factory made), and singlespeed road bikes, we've decided to take action and consolidate our powers, and do something about the lack of Team Seagal road rides.

What: ~90 mile road ride, might turn into a century depending on how awesome we get.

Where from : Starting at (the late) Richmond Heights TC (possibly subject to change)

Where to: Westward over hill and dale, possibly extending over into the next county. An exciting and difficult route of most major climbs in the West County region. Beautiful roads, smooth pavement, light traffic, and lots of chicks.

When: Wednesday, April 23rd (specific time TBA - probably early to mid morning)

Pace: A steady but no drop pace. If you go too slow, we'll get this woman to tow you:

What To Bring: full range of gears, skinny tires, superior attitude and superior state of mind, food, and money to buy more food.

How: Get awesome, like Steven Seagal:
What not to do: Fail at life, as shown below:

Stay tuned for more details.
-C. Ryback


Marc said...

It just so happens that gettin' awesome is my bread and butter. This is going to be killer. Really, kiss your legs goodbye after the route I have mapped out.

FelletBrazing said...

Damn it! That kid stole my Halloween costume. Now I'll have to upgrade to the TI-92, or maybe a Casio model. Wait, I mean... ahemmm... "Ha ha ha, what a looser!"

Nico Toscani said...

West county hillz will fear my road bike riding skillz.

TeamSeagal said...
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TeamSeagal said...

Nice try Shop Gnome, we all know that you have a closet full of Texas Instrument costumes - everything ranging from their simple TI-30 all the way up to their full-keyboard TI-92!

-C. Ryback

Robert T. Metz said...

ok that pic of Sandbox's grilfriend was low. Once we cross over the west county hillz will be desend into middle earth?

Mason Storm said...

If I have my Fellet Brazed by then I will be there, but I might just have to make it to round # 2!Good luck to all at Ouachita this weekend! It is looking like the weather is going to be much better than they had thought.

mark ewers said...

The 23rd? As in Wednesday, the 23rd?

Don't y'all have to work? I'm all over the idea; but the date... 20th maybe? Is there a race that day?

Hope you clean up at the Ouachita Challenge this weekend. I'll be looking for a rock-by-rock recap of the action.

Nitzsche said...

Good luck to everyone at Ouachita this weekend!


Marc said...

Well, the Herman TT is the 20th but I am not doing that anymore. So, we could do the 20th, but for bike shop folk it is usually easier to take off in the week and we have quite a few on the team. We'll see what everyone else says, but for now it remains the 23rd.

Boz said...

What crappy luck I have. I'm supposed to be sick on 4/23!