Limecat is just stopping by to say "Good Luck" to Gino and Nico on their treacherous trip this weekend into the depths of Ohio to race in the Mohican 100.

Good luck!

-C. Ryback


keeven said...

great luck to you both. you both are superb racers and well prepared to do some wrist snapping. i know you will represent st. louis well. can't wait till you get back to hear the stories and see the pictures of death and destruction. rubberside down boys.
matt keeven
ps. peanut butter, honey, and banana sandwich on wheat bread. you can hammer for hours with it.

Nico Toscani said...

Thanks Casey and Matt - you are some of the best teamates Gino and I could ever ask for. I can already feel the Superior Attitude starting to flow though my veins. Oh yes, something Mohican is this way coming.

'Puncher said...

Best of luck, guys. Looking forward to the race report. We'll toast to your superior attitudes with delicious PBR's on Saturday...Nitzsche