Non-Race #3 - Chubb Challenge

Well, after a long hiatus due to a couple of cancellations, we not only have details here for the next Non-Race, but also for the rest of the year's Non-Races.

[b]Where[/b]: Chubb Trail, West Tyson trailhead

[b]When[/b]: June 15, Sunday at approx. 10AM

[b]Who[/b]: Only those with Superior Attitude need attend

[b]The Scoop[/b]: Medium pace, no-drop, no "dab" group ride, with points accumulated for cleaning selected sections, obstacles, and trail features. Leave your stopwatch and sense of urgency at the trailhead, but do bring your bike handling skills and some patience. This [b]won't[/b] be a lung burning, quad-bursting time trial like last year. Instead, we'll group ride along the trail, and attempt to clear certain sections. If you clear it, you'll get a check mark on the back of your spokecard for that feature. He/She with the most points wins. Tie breakers will come into play if needed, too. The honor system will be in place for those sections and situations where we can't observe the whole run.

In order to try and keep this ride somewhat timely, we'll limit you to 2 attempts. We're planning on barbecuing at the trailhead after the ride, so stick around for some (of course) free PBR, and probably some meat of some sort. BYOB and BYOMeat if you want.

It's always more fun to ride with friends, so come make some friends and ride with 'em!

*Disclaimer* All Non-Races are determined/governed/subject to the weather. We won't hold it if it's crappy and/or muddy. Dates subject to change, so pay attention.


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