5 teams, 4 1/2 cases of PBR, tons of schwag, and some super HOT laps. Thanks to all that came out, and thanks to Dave our PBR rep for making all the schwag possible. Hope to see you all plus some more next month.


Sandbox aka Gino said...

who's that hoosier without a shirt on?!
oh yeah, that's me. damn it was hot out on the trail.
Look out NORBA, we've got a new badass race official in town and his name is
Nico Toscani.

Josh said...

Looks like a little slice of heaven.

Casey Ryback said...

Great shots. The photos are pretty good too. Wish I coulda been there!

Linkn Park sucks, btw. Sorry Marshall Lawson, but one of their songs is in my head.

Scott 'Spot' said...

Thanks Team Seagal. Looking forward to the next one in cooler weather. The Superior Attitude PBR 12 pack was a lifesaver while cutting the grass and my 1 year old loves the Pabst cycling hat. Good ride, good times, swag and cold PBR. A Great Day.

Scott 'Spot'

Robert T. Metz said...

Sorry I missed it. aAd Linkin park got me through a lot of dark times in my life. Their songs said everything i was feeling!

Team Trail Monster said...

Awesome event! No Politics here...just Gravel, Gutz, and lots of ice cold PBR....and a little Wrist Snappin! Thanks for lettin me snap my own wrist on the hill climb...maybe next time I will use my PBR light legs on those cheap crank arms.
Earned a couple new PBR shirts and a nice PBR hat. AWESOME You guys rock! More pics here ->

Anonymous said...

If you scroll down you will see that our master of chinese herbs has purchased one of these. I suppose this will be the new manufacturer of the team kits? Oh, and we need to snap the authors wrist as he spelled Steven wrong.

Anonymous said...


Davey B said...

that looks like it was a great time...

you guys would REALLY like CX, get involved!

laid back party atmosphere with optional PAIN!


Mason Storm said...

Should get my Major Jake from Kona this week. You can expect to me at ALL the CX races this year, and I am sure I won't be alone! I am also planning a Team Seagal "City Cross" Non-Race sometime this winter....think cold, snowy, and a point to point course.