Short Track photos, and the next Team Seagal Century

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fan. A great man once said "Backdoor, no babies." He actually said it many times. And in these times that lack big races in which to participate, we must turn to wise men like these to show us the way through the darkness and bring us into the light which is friendly competition. Fortunately for us, in these times we do have such wise men. Pfoodman, many great people from Team Veloforce, and other great volunteers have come together to bring back the much-ballyhooed Short Track series at Castlewood, otherwise known as the Dirt Crits. Much time and effort has gone into these races, all of which in turn makes Thursday the best night of the week right now.

This past Thursday, the 3rd installment was held, which found many of our Seagal Heroes firmly in the conductor's seat of the Pain Train. Mason Storm, Gino Felino, and Nico Toscani must have gotten tired of hearing Casey Ryback (myself) blather on and on about how badly his wrists had been snapped as he was shelled off the back of the A Race the last two weeks, and they had to come and see for themselves.

Gino showing nary a sign of stress or strain:
Mr. Toscani aboard his Salsa El Mariachi 1x9 in the A Race, courtesy of Tracy at the Alpine Shop:
Mason aboard his Fischer Ferrous in the B Race, also courtesy of Tracy:
Mr. Ryback after his Hiroshima-like explosion, about to fall two more places (though these dudes wouldn't pass me until after the creek crossing):
Start of the B Race:
5 seconds into the B Race - is it 1987?

Big thanks to Ms. Ryback for providing the photos. More photos of the Short Track #3 can be found here. Photos of Short Track #1 can be found here. No photos exist of Short Track #2, as there was a gigantic tidal wave that wiped the entire race away. A few racers were seen clinging onto the side of Noah's Ark as he made the best of the torrential rains.

Onto other business. A few of us here in the Team Seagal War Room have concocted a glorious idea of doing a night-time century. That's right, a full 100 miles, all after dark. No sun. There would be a few things to keep in mind when planning this out:
1) We would need to keep to well-lit streets and roads in order to not have to rely on full light-sets, the batteries of which would only last a few hours. So there would be few, if any quiet country roads. A lot of urban riding, and a lot of major roads to extend out. Traffic would be light on normally busy, but well-lits roads such as Manchester, Brentwood, Olive, Big Bend, or whatever.
2) Some MRT or Grant's Trail action would be in order.
3) Blinky lights would be required.
4) At-dawn BBQ would also be required.

Prepare your minds.

-Casey Fucking Ryback

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Marc said...

100 miles whilst normally I sleep...I like it! Count me in if I am still in town.