Vassago Ride # 1

Greetings Team Seagal fans. Yesterday I decided to take my new whip on it's 1st official mtb ride, and what could be better than Chubb....Well how about riding to Chubb from my house and then back! The epic journey began at 1pm and had me in the saddle till 5:30pm when I arrived back at my house conveniently located atop Southwest Hill. The overall ride ended up being 51.63mi/12.3mphavg. I must say the trail has seen better days, and it could use some serious consecutive dry/hot days. The low river route is destroyed, and even the high water route had long stretches of deep standing water. West Tyson was tacky and wet in some spots, but overall ride able....just not from the Lone Elk side. Now on to the bike. The Jabberwocky handles great and despite the longer stays it climbs great. The design behind vassago's geo is low and long, which helps me with my "Stand-over" issues in the past on 29'ers. I also used my new grips for the first time and they will be a great help with the remaining endurance races I have on my plate this season. Last but not least I have to give a huge shout out to Alex, and his boys at the Hub for hooking me up with the Jabberwocky. These guys are not only a great team sponsor, but you couldn't find a nicer bunch of guys. If you haven't been to The Hub yet...go now! Shawnee Mission next Saturday, and Team Seagal will be sending 3/4 soldiers to battle it out in the 6hr solo class. Hope to see you all there!
M. Storm

Before Chubb.


Ride Home.


Chris Wurster said...

Awesome looking ride, and important to have the standover correct or you could end up feeling like a stunt man punched in the nuts by Mr. Seagal. By the way I hope the cards in the spokes are laminated movie posters from the master's career!

Mason Storm said...

They are screen shots from select films, and they are each from the FREE!Non-Races that we put on each month!
Matt H.

Casey Ryback said...

This bike is why I now have a lazy eye.

Marc said...

Looking good man! Will this bike fit into my cup holder or glove box as well?