Council Bluff Report

Greetings Loyal Team Seagal Fan. You were probably sitting at home all weekend crying about how humid it is, or about how a big angry lesbian took your lunch money. That's too bad, because three Team Seagal Soldiers made the decision to fore go any kind of wimpyness, and it was a glorious plan of action that was executed with expert manliness.

In the backs of our minds is the looming Burnin' at the Bluff 12 hour race, and how our minds had better be prepared for it. Even though it isn't until October, it is a race that should be seen as serious business, like teh internets.
On the agenda for the weekend:
1) Night lap
2) Day lap
3) Jumping into the lake
4) eat at Dos Primos
5) Expand our minds
6) maintaining a constant state of manliness.

Mission accomplished.

Despite a constant barrage of distractions in the form of morbidly obese, smoking-in-the-car-with-their-infant-child, over-the-top rednecks that would make your average Arkansas native look like a frickin' Yale graduate, we laid a path of destruction thinly disguised as trail reconnaissance. We are happy to report that Council Bluff is currently in phenomenal shape. There is only one downed tree that requires dismounting. As anyone who has ridden that trail knows, it is virtually impervious to precipitation. This characteristic came in very handy this weekend due to the buckets of sweat that poured from our bodies, and would have eroded any lesser trails. Gloves, chamois's, sweatbands, and socks were soaked in sweat, even without major exertion. But we persevered, and were ready to jump in the lake at the beach just in time to have a local Potosi-ite in the parking space next to us threaten to "beat (her child's) ass in front of all these people." I.e, us. It is times like that that make me remember that some people's purpose in life is solely to serve as a warning to others, whether they know it or not.

Dos Primos served us up right, as usual. It is literally impossible to leave that restaurant and still feel hungry and/or dissatisfied.

In the meantime, you might want to bone-up on your Council Bluff skills, because our Non-Race #6 is coming soon at Council Bluff, right after Non-Race #5 at Lost Valley.

Be there or be L7.

-C. Ryback


Boz said...

I'm going to be feeling sick one of these weekdays and I'm sure a little CB will be exactly what the doctor orders.

Chris Wurster said...

Was that Britney Spears in the car next to you?

FelletBrazing said...

I believe another trip is in order. My mtb is not too far from completion, and it's been entirely too long since I've pounded it in the woods... er, I mean ridden the brown trial... or, ummm... mountain biked.

On a side note, my road bike is up and running once again. Anyone up for putting on the miles thursdays or fridays?

Robert T. Metz said...

so you'll only competed two laps? THe Doctor and I completed 2 laps the day before on less sleep and with more miles ridden the day before.